VARIETAL: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Blue Mountain


$125 set 1lb total (4oz. each varietal), free shipping (use toziarfreeshipping promo code)

for freshness, coffee will be roasted, boxed, and shipped once 20 sets have been claimed.

after years of planning, insight, and effort of many in haiti and the united states, bumper crop coffee is proud to partner with agricultural initiatives to help haitians flourish. having been privileged with the task of roasting and offering such a unique coffee, we took it to heart.

profile roasting can be complicated, but we have kept it simple while developing this coffee. our goal ~ keep it clean and straight forward ~ to allow one's pallet to decipher each varietal, as is done in haiti, by haitians. the way we roast this coffee will speak to the many hands who trust us and allow us the privilege to do so. for bumper crop coffee, this is enough.

with your support, a total of 82 numbered box sets will be distributed. each box set's hand drawn, hand printed art tells the story of this coffee and the efforts of some who helped make these micro lot haiti coffees available. each set is truly a unique, hand crafted piece of art. these sets are available as a one time offering. claim one today, and your support will impact lives in haiti.

100% of these proceeds will be given back to creole inc. in support of life changing initiatives.

for free shipping use "toziarfreeshipping" as a promo code at checkout.

$125.00 16oz | 454g


Quantity      Whole Bean Only


Orders Accepted until 10 a.m. (PT) each Monday, roasted and shipped fresh each Wednesday