"When I think about Bumper Crop Coffee, how to define it, and what it should mean to us and our friends, my heart is torn between two realities. In one reality my heart, the 'purist' who just wants to immerse himself in the knowledge of coffee, share, nurture friendships, serve, and cultivate dreams. In the other, the 'realist' who understands the realities of business and consumption and the necessity of their constant nurturing. My hope, my dream, my commitment is for Bumper Crop Coffee to be a harmonious balance between the 'purist' and the 'realist'. Both complimenting each other and adapting to the changing needs each may present."

Malcolm Wicks, Bumper Crop Coffee

Premium Roasted Arabica Coffees

Special Projects

  • Haiti
    Haiti Toziar
    100% give back project
    coffee will be roasted and box sets shipped once 20 sets have been claimed.

Single Origin

  • Brazil
    Brazil Mogiana
    pea-nutty, chocolate
  • Colombia
    Colombia Popyan
    bittersweet, dark chocolate
  • Ethiopia
    Ethiopia Sidamo
    sweet, berry fruit, milkā chocolate
  • Guatemala
    Guatemala HueHue
    roasted pecan, brown sugar, crisp apple, pear
  • Honduras
    Honduras Santa Rosa
    half bitter, tobacco, dark caramel
  • Mexico
    Mexico Bajo Sombra
    chocolate, pepper spice
  • Peru
    Peru Cenfrocafe
    filbert, toasted walnut
  • Sumatra
    Sumatra Mandheling
    earthy, malty dry, roasted caramel


  • Microcosm Blend
    Microcosm Blend
    Microcosm Blend
    ā€‹bitters-sweets balanced, spice, ripe fruit, chocolate


  • Decaffeinated Coffee
    Decaffeinated Coffee
    Decaffeinated Coffee
    rich, flavorful


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